Patient Journey

Your First Assessment

You can choose to meet your doctor in person at our consulting room in Edinburgh's New Town; or by secure video call from the comfort of your own home. Our initial appointments last one hour. This will afford you plenty of time to discuss your current difficulties and your goals for treatment.

We will spend the final 15 minutes discussing our formulation and treatment options. You will subsequently receive a copy of your assessment letter and treatment plan (by secure email). A copy can be provided to your GP.

If you have multiple or complex issues a further assessment appointment may be required, this will be discussed with you at the start of the appointment.

Please note adult ADHD and ASD assessments are carried out over 2 one-hour appointments approximately 4 weeks apart.

Your follow up appointments

Subsequent 30 minute follow up appointments will usually be carried out by video consultation (face to face is also possible) and will be more focused on medication titration and symptom review.